• Vita di Quartiere

Modernos somos todos

Por la época en la que vivimos, modernos somos todos, pero la mujer Quartiere se distingue del resto porque a ella se le nota. Se está conociendo cada vez más a sí misma, y se conduce con una actitud que no descuida ni su aspecto ni su apasionante mundo interior. Su atractivo reside en que sabe mostrar la vida que lleva.

A una mujer Quartiere lo moderno se le nota.


We are all moderns

Because of the era in which we live we are all moderns, however the Quartiere woman is distinguished from the rest because she is noticed. She is getting to know herself more and more, and she conducts herself with an attitude that does not neglect her appearance or her exciting inner world. Her appeal is to show the life she leads.

Andrea Dopico, Chef Pâtissier

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